DESOI PowerInject SP20

Video -  Activation

Datos técnicos
Supply 230 V/50 Hz
Motor power 1.8 kW
Working pressure max. 15 bar
Delivery - infinitely variable 0 - 13.5 l/min
Grain size (material) max. 3 mm
Filling height 90 cm
Weight 25 kg
L x W x H 80 x 52 x 90 cm
  • Big material passages - high flow rate
  • Cone-shaped material container - self-emptying
Material de entrada
  • sealing slurries
  • fine filler
  • injection mortar
  • lime cement plaster
  • quartz-based primer
  • aqueous solution
  • cement paste
  • cement suspension
Descripción del producto
Spiral pump DESOI PowerInject SP20 is of multiple use and features high power combined with compact design. With the delivery rate control the pump can be controlled continuously from standstill to maximum speed. Optionally, by using an extension cord the delivery rat control can be fixed directly at the end of the material hose so that the operator can react immediately to avoid that the material gets under pressure. Additionally the DESOI PowerInject SP20 can be equipped with the attached mixing device.
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