DESOI PowerPump 18

  • Conical material container
  • Gentle material transport
  • No back pressure when closing the ball valve
  • No cross-section reduction
  • Constant delivery pressure
  • Forward and reverse running
Material de entrada
  • machine usable jointing mortar
Datos técnicos
Power supply 230 V
Motor power 0,37 kW
Delivery rate 1 - 4 l/min
Transmission ratio i = 80
Protection class IP55
Grain size max. 4 mm
Filling height 83 cm
Weight ca. 36 kg
L x W x H 84 x 54 x 99 cm
Descripción del producto
The compact and powerful hose pump DESOI PowerPump 18 convinces with its easy operating and gentle delivery of the material. The machine can be continuously regulated with the remote control.
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